A home in the making

Nu var det länge sedan jag skrev i bloggen. Jag kommer från och med nu att skriva på svenska. Tanken med denna blogg är ju ganska enkel. Den är tänkt att fungera som ett anteckningsblock för […]

Before we actually found the plot that we eventually would buy we took many weekends exploring different areas that we could consider living in. There were a lot of puzzlepieces we wanted to fit together. Our […]

Everytime I visit someone that has a fireplace I always ask if I can light up a fire if the fireplace is not lit. It is something about the dancing flames that is so relaxing and […]

VårgårdaHus offers as a standard kitchens from Vedum which actually is the kitchencabin maker I would choose (unless I would choose an absolute bespoke kitchen) They offer good quality, beautiful finishes and timeless design. Paired together […]