A home in the making

The first impression – the front door

Maybe the frontdoor is something you just accept as it is but a house can really go to the next level if the frontdoor is upgraded. My vision for our frontdoor is a pairdoor in wood, either teak or oak. I want it to have some kind of decorative features, right now leaning towards squares with glass in the top row. 

I have to different options for the door. I have been in contact with a carpenter who makes doors about one of his models but in oak.

The other option is Qvaserum. They make custom doors and have a couple of good looking options but you can choose to design your own. I don´t want to spend more than 40000 kr. But I think it is going to be around those numbers.

Images and from Instagramaccounts almlofljungbergsnickeri, spirithouseretreat and all.sorts.of

The handle of the door is also important. It is like the jewellery for the door. I love brass for the frontdoor. It has to be untreated and will look weatered with time. 

All of these handles are found at

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