A home in the making

Follow the dream

Both me and my husband have dreamt about moving to the countryside for many years. The biggest thing for me is living close to nature. To me it does not make sence to live in the suburb or city and have close to everything (shops and service) but far from nature when I plan my purchase so I can use the service once a week but want to go for walks and be out in nature every day. Both of us enjoy being at home so we rarely go in to town although we both love meeting up with friends occasionally. So there is really no reason for us to live in a cramed up area to take the car every weekend to enjoy the forrest.

This decision is easier to make though now when the kids are bigger. Both will be in high school when we move. Our oldest dreams of having a Epa (a car with restricted speed) so he will probably drive that to and from school giving his brother a lift.

Our oldest is not thrilled about the move. Understandably so. He is 14. He has friends here that he goes to school with and knows no one in Vallentuna. But I belive it is close enough to keep contact and meet up on the weekends with his friends. And I hope the kids meets a lot of nice kids to become friends with once we are there. For me one of the hardest parts about moving is that my twinsister lives here. I hope we can come visit often and sleep over so the kids meet up with their friends and I hang out with my sister. 

My sister and I have a close bond and meet up several times a week and go for walks or just hang out. I will miss that and really hope that she comes and visits often and that I will visit often as well.  This is the reason it is important to have an extra room and extra beds. When friends and family comes and visits they have to stay over. We are going to have a bedsofa in the office and also in the kids room. And then we have the sofas and guestbeds we can bring out if there are a lot of guests. In total we are going to have about nine extra beds. This is the sofa I´m considering for the kids room and this one in the office. I my self sleep very poorly in bad beds so comfort is really important for the sofabed.

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