A home in the making

Somewhere like home

Before we actually found the plot that we eventually would buy we took many weekends exploring different areas that we could consider living in. There were a lot of puzzlepieces we wanted to fit together.

Our priorites were:

Beautiful surroundings: I come in to harmony in myself when I am surrounded by beautiful nature. Whats more than just the nature is the fact that there are a lot of remaindings from vikings and old settlements. That is something that invites to explore the nearby. Also there are som small producers selling their produce (meat, honey, lambhides) not far from where we are going to live. That is a big plus for me as I love the idea of local produce and supporting them. 

Not in detailed area: My husband loves cars. Old cars. It is really the his biggest interest in life and he is a really talented mechanic. He can just about fix anything and can in detail tell you all you need to know. His dream is to have a big garage where he can fit many cars and still have room for a workshop. For that to be possible to build we had to find a plot that did not have a set plan for what you can build on that plot. 

Future exploring not planned for the area: This might be something you would normally overlook when buying a plot but to us this was a factor. So we actually sat down looking through a lot of documents from Vallentuna municipality and found that no development in the nearby area is planned. 

Not to far from Stockholm: This is mostly me wanting this. L could move from Stockholm easily but I have friends and family I like to be able to visit and that they come and see us. Some of them would of course come and visit no matter how far the distance but I have no wish to move far away. This is something I really had to explore for myself. For some reason Vallentuna just feels like exactly where I want to live. 



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