A home in the making

The plan for the kitchen

VårgårdaHus offers as a standard kitchens from Vedum which actually is the kitchencabin maker I would choose (unless I would choose an absolute bespoke kitchen) They offer good quality, beautiful finishes and timeless design. Paired together with a stanless kitchenzink and stone countertops in either Quartsit or marble I think this will be my dream kitchen where function and esthetics are perfectly balanced in my opinion.

There are a lot of decisions to be made til it is done. One of the biggest being the stone countertop. I know I want natural stone so the choise stands between marble, limestone or quartsit. I´m leaning towards quartsit for the durability. If you have any tip of a great choise for stone countertop let me know!

These are the choises we made for our kitchen. The only thing not ordered (or decided yet) is the stone countertop.

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