A home in the making

A house is not complete without a porch

The biggest perk with a house compared to an apartment is having the opportunity to also hang out  outdoors. A roofed porch prolong the season spent outdoor and also gives the oppurtunity to witness the different kind of weather tha we here in Sweden is very familiar with without being in the middle of it. Sitting and watching the rain pour is something I enjoy a lot som when we started to plan for building I knew I wanted a porch. 

The idea is that the roof of the porch will be stained to resemble teakwood. It will only be about 1.5 m in width to still let the sun shine in. The porch is set in the back and covering the wall where the familyroom, sauna, bathroom and laundryroom is. In the warm period of the year I will use in to hang laundry as well. I know I will have great use of the porch and love it!

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