A home in the making

How it all started

Pictures from our last house built in 1934

We have owned a couple of houses together me and my man L. They were good houses but as our economy was not great they needed a lot of work done. As new house owners you really don´t mind putting in the work or paying someone to get things fixed that really needs to be fixed but that story gets old. I can´t say if it is specific for me and my husband or if other couples find this as well that it is tiering and really strains the economy and ultimately the relationship. After living a couple of years in a really beautiful and charming house built in 1934 we both concluded that the next house we own needs to be a newbuilt. From here the list of wishes for the next house grew. Some of the requirements being:

  • Close to, if not directly in nature. Stillness is one of my biggest personal needs. And views. There is nothing as restoring to my weary spirit like a beautiful view of nature
  • A one story building (no more stairs inside or tall buildings making the maintance of the outside of a house a hazzel)
  • A big kitchen with a lounge area with an open fireplace. A place to entertain guests and being able to slack after dinner while the one of us is still doing the chores
  • Enough space to accomdate our family and have room for guests to stay over if they wish
  • A sauna! With my mothers lineage being Finnish I need to take a sauna regularily
  • A big plot. I want to grow vegetables and flowers, maybe have chickens and so on. I need outdoor space. In the near future I also dream about opening my own business, a small shop so I need space for that as well

Of course there is always the option to instead of buying an old house buy a newer one. Unfortunately that is not an option for me. And there is a big hinderence for my man as well. You see if I am to take away all the perks with a old house (charm and beauty being the biggest) I need to build it my self from my vision of a beautiful house. And for my husband everything came down to being able to build the garage of his dreams. A garage of close to 100 kvm that rarely is permitted in Sweden unless you choose to live in the wilderness far out of planned area. This led to us narrowing it all down to looking for plots and in the weekends and days off driving around in different areas feeling into if that area is somewhere we would want to build in. Then a lot of time just waiting, hoping and praying for it to appear. Even reaching out to different landowners in areas we liked with high hopes that they would hade some land ready to sell. And then one day it all came together…


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