A home in the making

The dream of a northern homestead

Wow! You found my blog 🙂 Welcome!  

We are finally building the house of our dreams and this blog is intended to aid in the project as a way of keeping all of the ideas and visions for our house in some kind of order. Cause there is quite a lot of decision to be taking in consideration.

This journey started in 2020 when my husband and I started looking for land to build on. We both had a list of hopes and requirements. We knew what we wanted and there were alot of boxes to tick. The perfect plot came out on the market in july 2021 on When I found the add for the plot the first words that came out of my mouth was ”I´m going to live there!”. Of course nothing was certain by then. We had to get a loan for a newbuild, finish the renovation of our then current house, sell our house (sold in the end of August 2021) and put in the offer the sellers would accept (highest bidder in a biddwar with other potential buyers) Those steps were taken and in August 2021 we were the happy owners of a plot of a little more than an acre (4271 kvm) in the region we had been dreaming about living in for years. It´s has been a bumpy ride but our dream is coming to reality. The plan now is that the house will be built til May 2023. 

I will also be writing in english, mostly because the interest for interiordesign and architechture is worldwide and if you want to follow us on the journey of our dreams language should not be a barrier. 

C ya soon!

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